Recent projects

See below for links and details on some of my most recent projects and prototypes

Prototype designed and built for a project presentaiton demo. Because this was a demo site, the username can be anything you want and the password can be blank when signing in.

Do you own over 1000 movies on blu ray or dvd like me? If so, you probably have issues... but this is a site you need to use. I created this site as a method for keeping track of my movies. Eventually this will be a one-stop movie hub for all things movie-watching (manage libraries, lend movies, 3rd party movie site integrations with netflix, hbo go, etc).

This site is still under development, but you can create an account and use the site. I have some UX and design revamping to do, but the ability to create and manage movie lists is fully functional.

This is the current redesign and rewrite of the old actionmachine.com web site. You can ignore any lorem ipsum content.